The Greatness of the Texas Music Office

Austin, Texas is known for so many things: Keep Austin weird, Moon tower city, Leslie Cochran in the thong, the Silicon Hills. The list goes on. Above all, I believe most people around the country and the world know Austin at best for the city’s official slogan, “The Live Music Capital of the World”. Texas has been home to numerous musicians from cities all over the country and will continue to do so. Austin, Texas’s capital city, has been the hub of it all. Over the past decade, the population in Austin has increased about 84%, and with this population increase, the influx of different varieties of people have come to inhabit the great Lone Star State.

Despite the growing number of out-of-state residents, Texas has continued to stay true to its colors, and one can say Texans still take music seriously—so serious that the governor has a separate website dedicated to all things music, Texas Music Office. On the website, you can find a surplus of music-related information. They have a page dedicated to annual events, music industry news, music trails throughout the state, and more. There is even a list of certified music-friendly cities that go through a certification process before they are officially instated as a “Music Friendly Community” by the State of Texas. The Texas Music Office also has great resources for students looking into music schools and scholarship and grant information. You can even purchase a Texas Music license plate to contribute to their grant program that provides aid for music programming in under-served and under-resourced communities. 


However, one of the best resources on the website is the Texas Music Industry Directory. Here is where you’ll find pertinent information regarding networking and general information. If you’re looking to launch your own musical career, music business, or own your own recording venue, the Texas Music Office has numerous business guides to browse through. There are different directories to connect with music-related businesses, musicians, and radio stations. From the vast categories, you are sure to find something for everyone.

Below is a list of a few categories you can find businesses in: 

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