Want to REALLY Get Your Freak On? Try the Austin Community Drum Circle. Free, and open to everyone, and we mean EVERYONE.

There are a few groups in Austin that organize drum circles, but one of the largest and most well-organized is the Austin Community Drum Circle. The Circle is sponsored by the folks at X8 Drums, who sell Djembes, Cajon, and other world drums.

The Circle takes place every month or so, sometimes more frequently (it is a drum circle after all). X8 Drums is always on hand with instruments available as loaners. Rattletree Marimba and VORTEX Repertory Company also help organize.

To be informed of next scheduled event and sign up, follow the Austin Community Drum Circle on their Facebook page. Previous events have been held at VORTEX Repertory Company, 2307 Manor Road in Austin.


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