Best Place to Get a Donut Before You Go to The Bar, and After You’ve Passed The Exam

This bakery only starts serving its donuts at 8:40PM, so this is an indicator of the niche market they attempt to attract. I have seen lines going around the building (unassuming) when driving past it around this time. The lobby you enter is a small, grungy- but not dirty, 8’x8’ with just one tenant usually serving the line and the drive-thru. It can seem frantic, but it is part of the character of Mrs. Johnson’s.

Let yourself enjoy an ordinary donut, it probably would be the best item on the menu if I hadn’t discovered their jalapeño kolaches. Mind blowing flavors from this little kolache, I eat three in under a minute and make myself feel like some sort of cartooned cat that lives with their owner and dog (Garfield). Let yourself come to know this treat, the soft buttery flavor of a hot kolache and then the spicy jalapeño makes you discover a new flavor of sorts. Oh yeah, if you like donuts they have donuts too, you should get one.

When the bars close down make sure you saved yourself a $5 bill and four quarters, which can get you a dozen donuts of eleven varieties. No need to get there early, although after the bars close the lines start to form. Usually during the weekend nights, they are open until 12AM. If you are drunk these donuts are good, if you are sober these donuts are good, and if you are a dog reading this, then congratulations on your accomplishment with learning how to read and you will like these donuts. I implore you though, get the kolaches, right now.

Mrs. Johnson’s Bakery
4909 Airport Boulevard
Austin, TX 78751