Harris Hill Road is a member-based race track in north San Marcos, about 24 miles south of downtown Austin, off of IH35. It’s not the finest race track in the area (think Circuit of the Americas), but for the do-it-yourselfer, it’s heaven on earth. Membership fees are about $190 per month, plus tax, and membership offers about 4 days of unrestricted track time per week.

Motorcycles are also welcome, and enjoy designated days and hours (nearly every Monday is “Motorcycle Monday”). Dedicated parking spots are available if your ride isn’t street legal. Prices are $50/month for a carport space, and $200 per month for enclosed garage space. These spots are limited but there’s a wait list that moves quickly. The track itself is not in perfect shape, but at this price the fun+value factor is high.

The membership is friendly and helpful for both advanced and beginning drivers. A great way to learn more (and see a great collection of car photos) is to check out Harris Hill Road’s Facebook Page.

Harris Hill Road Race Track
2840 Harris Hill Rd
San Marcos, TX 78666