Best Burger in Southwest Austin

Ok…FINE, I’ll take the 16 dollar burger, fries and a drink, but I am NOT happy about it, Burger Fi


I am angry…angry about 9 dollar hamburgers, and 5 dollar plates of fries. At BurgerFi in Southwest Austin (and judging from the expense and effort put into the interior design, there are others) that’s what you’ll pay for a bare-bones meal of a cheeseburger, fries, and a drink.

I am even angrier at the pretentious aluminum army-issue trays and the overdesigned pressboard tables (oh, but recycling is in). At BurgerFi, your food is sprinkled with pretention, and dusted with Holier-than-thou. It’s all pomp and circumstance, meant to justify the most expensive burger you’ll likely have this year.

Yes, the burgers are good, but these are cocaine prices. It’s a family joint–smack dab in the middle of family-friendly (well, wealthy families at least) Circle C, in the same parking area as Alamo Draft House.

I am angry because I recommend BurgerFi. Listing here.